iSudoku 3.0

iSudoku is also a great tutor to help you quickly master sudoku techniques
3.0.4 (See all)
A-Crystal-Man Software Studio

Not only a puzzle generator and solver, iSudoku is also a great tutor to help you quickly master sudoku techniques.
It has the following features:
-- The superb and unique hint system helps you learn various sudoku techniques rather than giving you answers only.
- You can generate and solve unlimited numbers of puzzles in 5 different levels of difficulties.
- You are able to manage the puzzle difficulty by adding/removing solving techniques to/from a given difficulty level.
- Powerful undo and redo features enable you to review every move you have made.
- Various input methods, including mouse input, keyboard input, dialer pad input and mouse wheel support, can always satisfy all your needs...
- Shortcut keys are customizable to help you operate as quickly as possible.
- Four different text formats are supported for puzzle opening and saving. This helps you exchange puzzles with others easily.
- You can design a puzzle of your own.
- Customizable colors and themes settings give you a better user interface.
- Puzzles can be copied into and pasted from clipboard in 4 different text formats.
- You can also copy and save the original or current puzzle as an image.
- A simple print mechanism can suit your basic need to have a hard copy of sudoku puzzles.
- Powerful help file provides you with every detailed information you want to know about.
- It supports multiple interface languages: English, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.

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